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We don’t just make food catering. We create people’s experience. South West Paellas was built on the belief that food it’s a gift and it should be protagonist in any special occasion,we would like to give you the opporunity to taste the exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean gastronomy and that’s why we bring the restaurant into your home.

We are proud to use fresh local produce and support our local economy.

our story

Welcome to South West Paellas

Spanish Chef Jonathan Prieto has created a new concept for catering food,we bring the taste of the Paella to your table.

Our specialty is traditional Valencian Paella,Baked rice and Fideua which is only typical from the south east region of Valencia and it’s made with pasta instead of rice it is a “must taste” dish,all of them cooked with quality and sustainable ingredients . Our Chef has also created a food revolution with the” Inspired Paellas ” the perfect combination between the original Paella recipes and the flavours around the world including the best flavours of the South West British gastronomy.

Discover Our Menu

The menu consist on a mix of Spanish regional paellas and Chef’s genuine paellas creations ,we want to bring the finest dining experience to you.

Be sure to ask about any dietary requirements.

Sample Menu

We offer different options for every event and customer from “just the paella” to a 3 course meal including the paella as main.

Traditional Valencian Paella

The Queen of the Paellas. PGI “Bomba rice”,free range chicken, free range rabbit,snails, flat green beans,butter beans , fresh chopped tomatoes saffron,garlic, Spanish sweet paprika(pimenton) scented with fresh Rosemary .GF
£29.50 pp

Cornish Paella

Cornish inspired chef’s Paella.
PGI”Bomba rice”,Cornish chorizo ,free range pork ribs,free range chicken, Cornish scallops, runner beans,sweet peppers, butternut squash, haricot beans,, smoked paprika,garlic,onion,parsley scented with fresh Thyme.GF

Vegan Paella

We love veggies.
PGI”Bomba rice”,sweet bell peppers,sugar snaps,mangetout, swede,pumpkin,Jerusalem artichokes,butter beans,parsley, garlic,onion,sweet paprika scented with fresh Thyme.VG & GF


Book Your Event.

We offer a wide range of options and prices for your party including a venue if required.

Contact us and we will taylor it to your requirements


Home made food cooked with love and passion

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