Jonathan Prieto Giussani Valencia,Spain 1988.

I was born in a family with strong culinary roots and being half Spanish,half Italian food was always protagonist in many ways. My Spanish grandparents had many Restaurants and food businesses including a bakery. I spent a few years of my childhood in Italy as well,food memories come to my mind the succulent Polenta with wild Boar stew,pizza al taglio,rabbit and Porcini mushrooms risotto, spinach,walnut and Ricotta Tortellini the creamy Italian gelato and many more.Since I can remember I had been surrounded by the sound of cooking pots on the stove the noise of the old pasta machine,the kitchen at home was always busy as I have a big family,(My parents did not have a TV) I remember the whole chickens spinning in the big Rotisserie kinda like an ipnotic dance and the aroma of fresh churros deep fried by order on a massive pan back in Spain are some of my best memories in fact I can’t really remember many things of my childhood but my first memory as a little child it was making fresh pasta with my Italian Grandfather I was about 4 years old and I loved to make a little “Volcano” with the flour then crack the eggs in and mix it all together, that sensation with the mixture sticking to my fingers like playdough it is one of my best memories and I can probably say that from that moment i wanted to cook and know everything about food. Growing up in a big family and me being the eldest was the perfect chance for my experiments and creations in the kitchen, I have to say that my Mum was a very strict vegetarian so that opened my imagination to many veggie recipes and dishes which I am very grateful today as it has given me a huge knowledge in Vegan recipes and healthy food.

My career in the Hospitality business started back in 2003 when i had my first job as a waiter in a very busy Tex/Mex restaurant soon I introduced myself to the head chef who took my as his apprentice but the place was too busy and being part of a franchise I couldn’t learnt much on terms of preparing or cooking food so I started another job in an Asian restaurant I was a bit shocked by they cooking methods but people loved their food I was very lucky as I learnt how to make sushi rolls and many other asian recipes but surprisingly the staff never used to eat any of food they will cook for the customers and when i asked them why they smiled at me rolled their eyes up and answered to me”what we cook for the western people has pretty much nothing to do with what we eat in Asia” in that moment I was only 17 but I realised that the day i had my own business I wanted to change that for sure, wherever I had a chance I will always try to remain loyal to the original recipes and try to give to my customers real honest food cooked with love and passion like my grandparents taught me.

After a few years supporting my parents on the delivery and logistics business I was able to restart my career as a chef, I went to the hospitality and cookery college in my hometown Gandia with excellent results for me as I finished being one of the best of the promotion,also my teacher was the head chef in a busy fine dining restaurant and a events company and before I finished my course he took me as his right hand to run the kitchen with him and to work for 1 week with the amazing team of chefs from EL Celler de Can Roca 2 times awarded best restaurant of the world i couldn’t be more grateful the knowledge and creativity skills I develop on that times leaded me to my next stage where I came to England looking for better chances to support my family and improve my career I worked in Pennyhill Park 5 star hotel & spa in Surrey over half a year but for personal reasons I decided to move to Cornwall were I worked for 2 years in St Mellion golf club & spa 4 star hotel and 1 year in Langdon Court 4 star hotel & wedding venue, I must say to this point I became Head chef for a short period of time in Plymouth in a restaurant called The Mission but it never worked out properly so after that I took a break from professional cheffing and until now i had been working in the Cornwall Bakery as Production operator and NPD chef supporting the team to launch new products.

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